Wednesday Windows

Wednesday Windows is Ralph Allen's curriculum enrichment programme, which was highly praised by Ofsted in the 2014 inspection.

The purpose of Wednesday Windows is to release students' whole potential as a community of learners.  It enables students to have a greater ownership of their own learning, so they are more engaged and excited by the process of learning.  It helps students to develop as confident and self-aware learners able to collaborate and work together effectively.

Wednesday Windows is a creative and innovative approach.  This is how it works.

Year 7 students are given a booklet of Wednesday Window choices - which may range from poetry slam, touch typing, Mandarin Chinese, Dyson Challenge, cartoon drawing, sewing, garage band, tae kwon do, photography or bench ball. Students select their 3 activities of choice, and are allocated one of their chosen activities.  They will then do this activity each Wednesday B week during the year.

Photos show a Year 10 Wednesday Windows drama session working with the Natural Theatre Company; cooking and making sock puppets with Combe Down Primary School; diabolo and unicycle riding.