Quote from a sixth form parent

Quote from a parent of a sixth form student, August 2015

I’ve been meaning to send a note ever since my child finished at Ralph Allen sixth form, just to say thank you so much for all the help and support he has received during his time there.
It’s odd as a parent when your son chooses to attend a new sixth form, as there’s very little contact with the school if they are independent enough - I think I’ve only stepped foot in Ralph Allen about four times!  But it has been just the best decision he has made so far, to step out of his comfort zone and choose a new school for sixth form.
Some people advise against changing school for sixth form, suggesting it takes too long to establish new relationships etc.  From day one my child felt welcomed and included at Ralph Allen by both students and teachers and we have been so impressed with the way the school has encouraged and supported his education in the steps from gcse to more independent study for A level and also aiding and advising on next steps in education.
Whatever his results this week, we know he couldn’t have had a better shot at it and just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are to you and all the sixth form staff.  I would recommend Ralph Allen sixth form to anyone who is thinking of having a change of environment for sixth form studies - it’s been the best move for my child.