2 4601 sRalph Allen School Virtual Open Evening - Thursday 24 September  

Welcome all to Our virtual open day/evening. I know that the decision on where to send your son/daughter is a crucial one and the circumstances have made things different from the normal procedures. In previous years we have a wonderful evening where you are given the opportunity to listen to myself and students in a formal presentation and then given the chance to wander the school with our amazing guides and talk to the teachers in their classrooms. It is such a buoyant, energetic evening for the students, staff, and you as visitors. However, safety must come first. For this reason, we have put together a series of virtual communication to try to give you the feel of our school.

The school prospectus is now an e document which will be soon available on the website. Within this are links to each Head of Department where they will give a brief outline of their subject. We have also put together a film as a little trailer to the school. This will be placed on the website at 5.30pm on 24 September which you can view then or later. 

We will shortly be updating this section with information on how to book your place at our Live Online Q&A Forums this autumn, providing you with an opportunity to meet with key members of our transition team and ask any questions that you may have. In the meantime, please complete our online form to register your interest in attending the live event. 

We love our school and are very clear about its values of respect, teamwork and personal best. The school is passionate about young people and preparing them to succeed and contribute to the wider world. As you will have seen from our examination results, we are a very successful school consistently ranking in the highest performing schools in the country. Our approach to this is to work with the young people holistically and this then leads to them achieving at the highest level.

I hope you enjoy our films and it helps to show you the essence of our vibrant community full of keen and passionate teachers. I know as a parent, the schools in Bath are all excellent schools, but for me this is the best school I have ever worked in and is an amazing place for young people to grow and thrive.

We would also encourage you to explore our website, and follow our social media channels for an insight into the life of the school. Facebook & Twitter. 

Good luck in your choices and apologies that we are not able to see you in person.

Andy Greenhough


Our team is always on hand to assist you with any questions you have about the school and how to join us. We are contactable at



We currently have our sons in Years 13 and 10 and knew from the Open Evening that Ralph Allen was the right school for them both. Several years in, the academic successes continue to be impressive, the teachers remain passionate wanting the best from each and every student, the opportunities are numerous, but above all, the care and nurturing environment has allowed both to thrive, be hungry for their education and allowed each to follow their dreams.The support given pre and post Covid lockdown has been superb, with each being treated as an individual whilst meeting their mental wellbeing needs. Both have loved their years with RAS, and we, as parents, know the school have gently guided them as they have grown physically and mentally, allowing them to make informed choices. We applaud the "Ralph Allen way", and have celebrated successes, big and small, alongside you. - Parent



Frequently asked questions

To help prospective parents during this period of social distancing, we have answered a number of common questions below that we often hear at Open Events. For further information about admissions, please see here. 


How many spaces are available in year 7 next year?

For September 2021 there will be an intake of 240 students. Our PAN is 210, but B&NES have asked that we take more students from this specific year group. For further information about the admission to Year 7, please click here.

When is the application deadline and how do I apply for a Year 7 space?

The deadline is 31 October. All applications for Year 7 must be made via the Local Authority in which you live as part of the transfer to secondary school process.

I am out of catchment, am I likely to gain a space at Ralph Allen?

It is impossible to say, as intake numbers vary from year to year.  With a larger intake this year it may be more likely, but it very much depends on the number of applications received from within the Greater Bath Consortium.  We can only suggest that you make your first choice school clear on your application and you get your application in on time.

What language will my child be able to do in Year 7?

Your child will be allocated either French or Spanish when they start with us and they will have five lessons a fortnight of that language, from Year 7 to Year 9.

What extracurricular clubs are on offer to Year 7?

We offer a number of different extra-curricular clubs such as dance, rugby, netball, badminton, table tennis and snooker. These are all free to attend and are open to everyone.

Throughout the year we also offer football, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, dodgeball, athletics, tennis, rounders and cricket.

As well as the sporting clubs we offer clubs such as Lego robotics, debating club, mandarin, art… the list goes on.

Who do I need to contact if I have a SEND question?

For any SEND questions that you may have, please contact Deborah Targett, Additional Educational Needs Communications Assistant, via email

What are the classroom sizes like?

Ralph Allen classrooms are designed to accommodate 32 students. Many of them have been built in the last 10 years and each year we have a programme of redecorating our older classrooms. Our classrooms have interactive whiteboards now as standard as well as other teaching aids like visualisers. Alongside the standard classrooms, Ralph Allen has a full range of specialist classrooms for subjects such as Music Technology, Design Technology, Food Technology, Drama, Computer Science, Art, Photography, Textiles and Graphics.

Will I get a chance to visit Ralph Allen before having to apply?

We would love to say yes, but at the moment this is unlikely. If guidelines change and we are able to offer tours, we will update this page with further information.

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