Choosing My GCSE Options

Guidance on choosing GCSE options


A short video for information on choosing GCSE options,click here.


There are a few things to think about when exploring options for GCSE:

1, Do something you're interested in and will really enjoy! Be sure you fully understand what it is you're considering as an option. Quite often students choose a subject without doing the research and are quite shocked when they have discovered the subject is involves a lot of writing or the topics don't interest them.

For more information on the key stage 5 curriculum (GCSE options) at Ralph Allen School click here!



2, To study a particular Post 16 course you may have had to have studied it at GCSE level, such as an Art A level or a language. If you have an idea of a career you'd like to pursue or a course you'd like to study in the future, check what you need.

You can do this by exploring careers and education pathways on Careers Pilot or BBC Bitesize Careers.

You can also check what entry requirements you'd need for an undergraduate degree by heading to and search for a degree of interest.



3, English Baccalaureate (EBacc)

EBacc is a set of subjects at GCSE that keeps young people's options open for further study at Post 16 and Higher Education and future careers. For more information and guidance and EBacc subjects pleaseclick here!

Alternatively, you can ask to speak to the Careers Adviser ( info below), teachers and your tutor.



4, UTCs and Studio Schools

There are other provisions that offer KS4 curriculums with a spectific focus, such as Engineering, construction and STEM, the high tech creative industry and business.

What is UTC

A university technical college (UTC) is a type of secondary school in England that is led by a sponsor university which specialise in STEM.

What is a Studio School

Studio schoools are similar to UTCs with employer involvement, work experience, personal coaching alongside a standard school curriculum.

A list of the local UTCs and studio schools.

For more information on UTCs, studio schools and Year 10 transfers, follow the link to the local authorty website.

Admissions to a UTC or Studio School | Bathnes



Information on Working From 13 Years Old

Most young people would like to work, this is an essential part of gaining independence, learning work and life skills, and most importantly for you, earning some money!

We would like to offer you some guidance from BANES local authority, on child employment.

Child Employment | Bathnes

Where can I find work?

Ideas of the types of work available to young people :

  • Hair, beauty and barber salons
  • Deli, cafe and restaurants
  • Babysitting
  • Dog walking and pet sitting
  • Farming and gardening
  • Office work
  • Shop assistants
  • Car Washing
  • Delivery of newspapers
  • Riding stables
  • Sports coaching
  • Market stalls
  • Updating businesses websites
  • Hotels- house keeping- front of house
  • Working farms, entertainment parks and softplay

Who can I talk to about careers and education?

Miss Taylor the Careers Adviser is available to speak with students who would like to discuss education, employment and careers.

You are invited to email Miss Taylor: 

Alternatively, you are very welcome to talk to Mrs Rogers Teacher in Charge of Careers in M18.



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