Measuring the Impact of the Careers Programme

How we measure the impact of the careers’ programme on pupils

At the end of each module, a proportion of students are given an evaluation form to complete on the impact of the careers programme.   Results are collated and decisions made on the basis of them.

Teaching staff are also welcome to comment and offer feedback on each lesson.

We have presented the careers programme to the parents at ‘Parent voice’.  Parents were invited to discuss the programme and offer suggestions for improvement.

Destinations data -   are used to measure the number of students who are NEETS


Date of the next review of the information published

The website is constantly reviewed, in conjunction with the Careers Enterprise Adviser and Deputy Head. It will be updated each year at the end of the school year in July.

Additionally, any new material which is obtained will be updated when it is received.

Leader’s name Sue Rogers


The Baker clause is included on the website

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