Careers Programme By Year Group

Year group


Gatsby Bench- mark



PSHE lessons:

What is careers education, careers terminology,

My career action plan,

My strengths and interests

My dream job.

What is success

The changing nature of the job market

2, 3, 4

By the end of Y7, students will be able to identify their key strengths and qualities, begin to make links between curriculum subjects and careers and have begun to develop awareness of the changing job market and made a career action plan.


Career Fayres – Christmas and summer

PSHE lessons:

Entrepreneurial  skills,

Working in groups to set up a business for a craft fair.

2, 3, 4




At the end of Y8, students will be aware of entrepreneurial skills and have worked in small groups to set up a small enterprise to raise money for the school’s charities.


Careers Advisor available at Parents' Evenings

PSHE lessons

Option choices – choosing the best options for your future

Empowering Equality – celebrating Int Women’s Day & challenging stereotypes






At the end of Y9, students will understand how best to make decisions for career choices and make the best possible selection of GCSE subjects. They will have met and had the opportunity to discuss career choices with employers and career advisors. They will have some understanding of the importance of being broadminded in considering future job roles and to challenge stereotyping.


Trip to Bath College

ICE (Informal Careers Event)

Study Skills Evening to introduce work Experience

Careers Advisor available at Parents' Evenings

PSHE lessons:


Employability skills

Writing a CV

Preparing for work Experience

Protection at work

Career Pilot ICT program

Future Apprenticeship and Jobs Fair, Bath College at the Guildhall, Bath

CURO construction visit, new Mulberry Park site visit

1:1/group career appointment

Study Skills Evening to launch Work Experience in September

Work Experience placement
















At the end of Y10, students will have a greater understanding of the world of work, especially through their work experience placement.

They will have met with several employers, and apprenticeship provides and trainers and will be able to begin thinking about employability, which careers appeal to them and to set realistic future goals. They will be given help to write a CV and know how they are protected by the law at work.


They will have had the opportunity to visit the Apprenticeship fair and have met with several employers at the careers event.









Students will be introduced to Work experience at the Study Skills Evening in October. They  should find their own Work experience, but will have one to one interviews with the Careers Adviser and meet with their tutors


Trip to Bath  College

ICE (Informal Careers Event)Bath University Study Skills Day

Inventing Futures programme, Year 11

Careers Advisor available at Parents' Evenings

PSHE lessons

Post 16 choices

Writing a cover letter

Interview skills

1:1/group career appointment





Trip to Bath Spa University for students interested in business or teaching courses

Bath University Study Skills Day

FutureFirst (alumni organisation) - Choices boost workshops

Access to Bath Bristol widening participation scheme

Assemblies/visiting speakers workshops and assemblies

ICE (Informal Careers Event)

Careers Advisor available at Parents' Evenings








By the end of year 12, students will have met with a number of employers at the Careers event.

They will be aware of courses at university and the application process.

They will have help writing a personal statement and applying to UCAS


Trip to Bath  College

ICE (Informal Careers Event)


FutureFirst (alumni organisation) - Choices boost workshops



Careers Advisor available at Parents' Evenings


PSHE Programme 

PSHE – Careers teaching programme 2022-23 – Overview  


Year group 


Lesson topic 


Who Am I and where might I go? 

  • To describe ambitions and motivations in life 

  • To classify  SWOTS (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) 

  • To evaluate words chosen to describe a personality  



My skills and strengths  

  • To familiarise students with use of Career Pilot 

  • To demonstrate the difference between hard and soft skills 

  • To identify own hard, soft and transferable skills 


The  range of Jobs available 

 - Local market Information 


  • To identify what makes a personal  successful career 

  • To develop awareness of the wide range of jobs available 

  • To develop awareness of the changing job market 


Year group 


Lesson topic 


Introduction to Craft Fayre and entrepreneurial skills 

  • To understand what Entrepreneurial skills are and the value of them  for setting up a business ( 

  • To  understand the expectations for the craft fayre 

  • To form a group and start to plan the mini enterprise 



Planning mini enterprise 

  • To recap what Entrepreneurial skills 

  • To  understand the use of logos 

  • To form a group and use the planning sheet to start  planning mini enterprise 



Planning and organising mini enterprise 

  • To work as a team 

  • To produce items and promotional materials for the craft fayre. 



Year group 


Lesson topic 


Employability Skills 


To recap what hard  and soft skills are and how they can be  


To identify own  employability skills 

To critically evaluate the importance of identifying employability skills  


WON Pathways  

To develop awareness of pathways options   from GCSE. 

To start planning  pathway 

To develop awareness of the changing world of jobs 



Working from 14 


Employment rights  

To understand the legislation relating to employment 

To describe the opportunities offered by working at 14 

To develop awareness of harassment in the workplace  


Year group 


Lesson topic 



CV writing 

Covers letters 

 To identify the value of a CV 

To understand how to write a CV 

To apply the rules to write a CV 


Interviews Skills 

To understand how to formulate strong answers to person and position specific questions 

To know how to research a company  

To know how to conduct oneself in an interview 



Networking and how to create opportunities online. 

How to create a Linkedin Profile 

To understand the career benefits that networking can offer 

To explain how online social networks can be used to network effectively 

To understand the benefits of practising inclusive behaviour in a networking context. 

Page Break 

Year group 


Lesson topic 



Post 16 choices 

To develop awareness of the choices available Post 16 

To explore the advantages and disadvantages of each 

To plan and research the routes students plan to take 



Online Presence in the workplace 

To understand what is meant by online reputation 

To identify ways information can be shared online with different people and the positive and negative impact this can have 

To show how posts that can help to build a positive online reputation  



Interview Skill lesson 2 

To start planning for an interview 

The understand the  different types of interviews 

To practise for an interview  through role play 

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