Support Your Year 10 Child Search For Work Experience

Work Experience Guidance (WEX) 

Monday 10 - Friday 14 July 2023

Firstly, it's important to understand why it is we spend time in work experience. Wex is not just for secondary school students but for people of all ages who:

  • Would like to develop skills and experience to put them at an advantage when finding work in this area or applying for courses and university. 
  • Gain insight to a particular career to see if they'd enjoy working in this area in the future
  • Insight into the workplace and understand the behaviors expected.
  • A foot in the door with a particular employer they may like to work for in the future

How To Find A Placement?

  • What is it they'd like to do?
  • Are they willing to travel or would like something local?
  • Are there particular skills your child would like to develop such as leadership skills in sports coaching or people skills, communication and confidence in a cafe?

Please note: for a placement to be approved the employer must be able to:

RAS has a list of employers used on previous WEX placements, which you are welcome to contact.

Click here for the list.

You can also google search companies using keyworks for example, vets, architechs or healthcare in Bath/ Bristol.

Send an email to the employer asking for work experience, you're welcome to use this template and adjust it to suit you.

Click here for email template

Give the employer a call. If it's a small business ask to speak to the Manager. If it is a large business ask to speak to the work experience coordinator.

Work Experience health and safety form:

Please provide the employer with your full name and date of birth.

Form for Students:

Form for Employers:

If you do call, be sure to list the questions you want to ask before hand. You will also need information such as the dates and times of work experience and your contact details.

Your child can always drop into the business and ask in person. 

For work experience opportunties and virtual work experience, please click here!

We are offering work experience workshops if your child will need support finding a placement, and can do this by informing their tutor.

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