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U2 Bus update - Good News

We are delighted to announce that First bus will be putting on a new R2 bus service from 7 January. This bus will be available to everyone, but will only stop at Ralph Allen School and not go on to the University.

The U2 service will still run as normal but with additional buses to cope with the higher demand. Students can continue to use the U2, however this bus will not pull in at the school but will stop at the bus stop across the road from the school.

We hope that this will solve a lot of the issues we have had this year and will enable students to arrive at school on time. First bus are very apologetic that students have had so many problems with the buses, and have provided this additional service at no extra cost, however they have warned that they will need to review prices for the R2 and U2 services in the coming year.

Click here to view the updated timetable which will be in place from 6 January.