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Regional First Lego League event

We had four Ralph Allen teams present at the Regional First Lego League event at Hewlett Packard's HQ in Filton. Two of the teams were largely year 7's and are part of the Lego club that the school runs each Wednesday.

The theme of the competition was "into Orbit" and the students had to design, build and then programme a robot to complete a number of space related challenges; they also had to research an issue to do with space, come up with an innovative solution and present their ideas.

Issues such as space junk and protecting humans from cosmic rays were researched. 

The other two teams were older students who'd formed their own teams but used to also be part of the Lego club. It was one of these teams, called L2O who won the whole Regional event and have now qualified for the National First Lego League event (which ironically is being held just a stone's throw away from the HP HQ at UWE) this is due to take place mid February.

To be exact, L2O is made up of three Ralph Allen year 11's, two Ralph Allen year 9's and one Beechen Cliff year 11.

All the students did well and we're hoping that the Year 7's will keep going with robotics and enter again next year.

Mr Chantry