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Badminton Championships 2019

Congratulations to all of the players that competed in this years badminton championships!

After 7 months of after school badminton clubs, the most dedicated and competitive players assemble to play in our annual Badminton Championships competitions.

Each year group has it's own competition, with players showing off their skills in singles and doubles matches, round robins and knock outs, all trying to beat the rest to become this years champion.

For this years events, as part of their DofE Bronze Award volunteering, a group of year 10 students helped to officiate matches, acting as umpires and helping to coach younger players.

Feather shuttles were in play, prizes were up for grabs, lots of hard fought matches were played and good sportsmanship was shown from all of the players.

A great way to finish off a very successful badminton season!

The results to this years championships are:

Year 7 Competition

Champion: Twm Ifans

Runner Up: Henri Knedel

Player of the Season: Tomas Vivallos


Year 8 Competition

Champion: Matthew Davis

Runner Up: Luke Wilkins


Year 9 Competition

Champion: Fred Mallory Bains

Runner Up: Jake Barrington


Year 10 Competition

Champion: Finlay Thomas

Runner Up: Kofi Hales


Badminton Clubs for all year groups will start back up again in September.


Mr Hancock