Year 7 I can and I am Workshops 17-20 October 2022

13 October 2022

Our year 7 students have nearly completed their first term in Ralph Allen School and
what a brilliant term that has been. We are very proud of our young people. To
celebrate all their achievements and hard work this term we are delighted to be
welcoming the “I Can and I Am” team into Ralph Allen School in the last week of
term with their double decker bus and their golden retriever, Darcy.

Throughout the week all our year 7 students will be invited to spend one hour on board
the I Can & I Am bus.

On board  students will take part in a pizza making session and a half hour workshop
on the top deck.

The aim is that they will leave the session with a better understanding of their own
qualities and strengths, plus one or two tools that may help them to manage their own
emotions and to deal with any setbacks that arise for them, or others close to them, in
the future.

This will be a unique experience in a positive environment where students can focus
solely on themselves and their own wellbeing.

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