Scientific Photography competition

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28 June 2021

The winners of The Scientific Photography competition are below - lots of entries again this year which made it a hard job for the judges! 

The 2021 judging panel consisted of:

• Cardiac Physiologist

• Computer Scientist

• Health Psychologist

• Exercise Physiologist

• Primary School Headteacher


Thank you to everyone who entered - a nice thing to brighten up a busy term!

Mrs Tytherleigh


Our winners are:


1st Rowan - Ducks


1st Isaac - Plastics

2nd Finlay - Butterfly

3rd Zach - Solar panels

Highly Commended Ava - Locks


1st Olivia - Roses and Fire

2nd Chloe - Friendship

3rd Annelie - Flower

Highly Commended Lola - Morning Frost

Highly Commended Poppy - Camelia

Highly Commended Iris - Yearling


1st Daniel - Stomata

2nd Lily - Sandstone

3rd Lucas - Erosion


1st Louis - Leaves

2nd Arthur - Vinyl

3rd Fedi - Abscission

PAT Staff

1st Hannah Symonds- Clouds

2nd Sophie Hunt - Swans 

3rd Jacqueline Durston - Bees

Highly Commended Helen Thorn - Cuillins

PAT Family/Friend

1st Nicola - Specular Reflection

2nd Jo - COVID Virus

3rd Noel - Tagging Mars

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