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Bikeability Training - Summer 2022

23 June 2022

Your child has been invited to take part in a Bikeability training 
course, under the supervision of our cycling instructors. The 
Bikeability training on offer is for riders who can already cycle and 
aims to improve basic bike skills (Level 1) and develop safe riding
technique using local quiet roads (Level 2). Level 1 training takes 
place on traffic free sites and Levels 2&3 utilize carefully selected 
local roads where traffic is slow and light. Learn to Ride training are 
also arranged outside of school and is delivered on Odd Down cycle 
circuit on a 1-1 basis.
Whilst on the training, our instructors will ensure participants receive 
breaks and a lunch hour and will be back at school for normal pickup time. Children must attend all training days to complete the 
training and get a certificate.

Please have a look here for more information!

Consent Form - Summer 2022

Consent Forms should be emailed to Bikeability@BATHNES.GOV.UK

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