Careers Opportunities & Work Experience

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Royal United Hospital

RUH Event for Years 11 & 12 on Wednesday 13 October 2021

See here for how to register for this event: "Understanding the Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Heart Disease"

1 Day Virtual Hospital Work Experience

Saturday 16 October & Sunday 7 November 2021 Ward Round Live for age 15+

RUH Work Experience

See what the RUH has to offer here

RUH Apprenticeships

For information about Apprenticeships at the RUH see here

Working for the RUH

The RUH is commited to providing careers advice and support to students at local schools here


NHS Careers

Careers in the NHS

Help in becoming a Medical Student

Courses & Work Experience for aspiring Doctors

Dietetics, Midwifery and Pharmacy


Pharmacy Roles

Read a case study about a Pharmacist

Information about a career as a Pharmacist

Pharmacist Education and Training

Why become a Pharmacist?


Scientific Roles in Hospital

How to become a Medical Physicist

Read a case study about an Imaging Physicist

Learn about a career in Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

See here for details about the Scientist Training Programme


Health Care Assistant Roles (HCA)

Read a case study about an HCA who works on a Cardiac Ward

Watch a video about Becky who works on a Cancer Ward

Information about a career as a HCA 


Work Experience Opportunities in 28 Industries

Career Programmes for ages 12-18 run by InvestIn. NB these programmes incur a fee 


Nanny Careers

For information about a career as a nanny see here




Project Search

This is a transition to work programme for people with learning disabilities and autism. To find out more, see here


Youth Card

This free mobile app is a one-stop-shop for 11 to 25 year olds and offers educational, career and personal development. It gives free access to work experience placements, workshops, podcasts and short films and you can also get discounts with your favourite brands!


Virtual Work Experience

Sign up here and take a look at all the opportunities to build up your CV and get free work experience.


Results Day Webinars for Parents & Carers

Get advice to help you support your child on results day


Barclays Lifeskills

 Virtual Work Experience



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